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  Customer Testimonials

There's nothing more statisfying to us than knowing that we have saved another customer from going mad over his/her computer errors. Below you will find a few emails we have received from our customers. Please note that we have never requested these, or compensate anyone for them, they are all spontaneous emails we've received:

"This worked just like you said. What a find. You guys need more metatags on your site so that your program comes up front and center in GOOGLE. It is hassle free and saved me a great deal of frustration! Thanks, Lee!"

"I tried using the Advanced Tools -> One click fixes -> Repair Code 19 and Code 39 errors. It works!!!
My CD/DVD unrecognized problem is now solved. Your instruction is very precise and professional. Thank you very much.
The fix alone is worth the money for ErrorExpert software. Other features of the software are bonuses for me.
When I see a blog on code 19 problem with CD/CVD, I will suggest using ErrorExpert to fix the problem because it is so easy. Thanks again, Ven"

"I honestly thought my computer was done for. Short of having a nasty virus- I\'d never experienced such horrible system lock-up.
CHKDSK took hours to complete and ended up only fixing things temporarily. And then I found your website and downloaded your program, just to scan and see what it would find.
I was SHOCKED that well over 1600 errors were found all over my machine. I purchased a license and with one click (literally), fixed all of my computer\'s errors. The next time I booted up- everything worked flawlessly! I wish there were words to express how thrilled I am with ErrorExpert!
Thank you so much for producing such fabulous software! It\'s worth every penny. Sincerely, Corrina J."

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"After trying several other "fixit" software programs I came across yours and it did exactly what you claimed. Many, many thanks. A. Watson"

"Thank you so much for offering such a superior product at an affordable price. My internal dvd/cd player stopped working. Gateway told me I needed to have it replaced, Microsoft told me the software I'd just bought from them was corrupted. I borrowed a friends external dvd/cd and it wouldn't install. After some research I came across an error message (code 39). To make a long story short I downloaded errorexpert and in less than 10 minutes my computer and dvd/cd drives were running like new. Thank you for everything :). Stacy, Philadelphia"

"Very Helpful Program. Other "Registry Cleaners" do not do as much as Error Expert and they are not as fast. I especially like the feature that allows the Removal of Programs that will otherwise not Uninstall such as can happen in Add/Remove Programs. Cheers, Greg."

"I couldn't open links in Outlook Express, Internet Explorer kept crashing and I couldn't open Windows Search. I spent many hours looking for solutions and trying them then stumbled on your product. I paid the fee, ran the program, fixed the errors and presto no more problems, all within about 10 minutes. I would recommend this product to everyone. Thank you so much! Doug. Brisbane, Australia.

"Thank you so much for your excellent service.  I could not access my Internet Explorer and therefore could not download my payroll updates from Quickbooks. After more than 12 hours on the phone with quickbooks, HP, ATT and others, your Lenard found the problem in a timely manner and I am back in business.  Thanks, Mary, Florida"

"I would like to thank you so much for error expert software, it has completly fixed my laptop, i was considering purchasing a new computer after spending weeks trying to sort the problems, after installing error expert my laptop is like new. I was not sure if to buy it with all the internet scams out there but this softtware works 100% and i have no hesitation in recommending it, customer support is excellent. Thanks again, John in dublin ireland 08-jan-2008"

"I am really impressed on how simple that was. You saved me from a long.... tedious clean install and I want to thank you for that. Again, Thanks."

"Thanks so much for the assistance. It is amazing !!! My PC has never been so fast. The fee for ErrorExpert was more than worth the help you have provided. You can be sure I'll be contacting you if I have other system function problems."

"Money well spent! Thanks a lot: you live up to your promises."

"Hello, I am back in business.  I want to thank you for your quick response in helping me resolve this problem. It is rare these days to receive this type of help and cooperation."

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"I'm impressed! Fast response and excellent service... You don't see a lot nowadays! It worked like a charm.! I now also understand what I did wrong when trying to solve this problem myself. Again, thanks a lot!"

"ErrorExpert is a great software program. i'm glad i found it.... thanks again for your help"

"My special thanks to Lenard. He has set me straight. I used a flash drive to download Firefox, but from there on my problems took a downturn. Error Expert worked admirably well. Thanks very much for being there for me.
Lenard, you're the greatest !!!! My best regards to all!"

"Thank you so much. The sound is now working again. I really appreciate it."

"Thanks alot you are a life saver everything is working fine now"

"Thank you very much for you immediate response. I ran the fix which worked like a dream. This problem has been bugging me for ages, so you have one very happy and satisfied customer on your hands. Cheap at twice the price.
Thanks once again"

"Thank you so much for your is so refreshing to get a quick answer and the help you need.... I re-entered the new key you sent, and it worked fine....I am so appreciative..... I am a simple Mom and wife.....but I send you a big hug...... It is nice to deal with a company that is on the ball..........and cares about their customers.... Best Wishes for all your business endeavors..."

"Thank you for your prompt reply to my E-mail the program you gave me worked a treat. Thank you."

"Hello, Thanks very much and congratulation! A real good software! One Click and all my (PC-)problems were deleted - great! Thanks!"

"I am so glad I found you! I have spent 5 days with AT&T Support Plus, which was $99.00. I plan to reccommend this to all my friends. Thanks for your dl, & I will keep in touch."

"I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service. It worked like a charm. I have my speed back and the registry is clean. What a great product!"

"I first tried Error expert, and then read propoganda about someboby else's excellence, then tried theirs. Error Expert has done the most good to my computer than any, and small and simple is easiest the best. Especially considering the bad consturction of my HP!"

"Just wanted to say thank you, best program i ever bought, saved me from re-forematting my puter. I have two other software programes i bought and they could not fix my proublem, but error rexpert did and found alot more problems and fixed them for me. It is an easy program to use also, so thank you so much."

"I want to add to your long list of testimonials, with which I agree. Since the original installation a long time ago, not a week has gone by without some problem or another cropping up - In all fairness I have a lot of programs and the computer is multi-tasking seven days a week. Time after time Error expert has solved problems where other registry cleaners etc. failed. In particular, it has been necessary to use the forced uninstall feature to remove traces of previous programs which could not be un-installed via add/remove programs; or which left traces even after using dedicated un-install software from a particular provider.  Error Expert has never failed us. Thanks for a great product. John"

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